Start Your Healing..

Start your healing journey after a loss with compassion, creativity, and community …

…so you can move forward being heard and in control of your healing journey without feeling you’re leaving your loved one behind.

I’ll show you a new way to feel rooted in yourself again and fill your soul with compassion and gentleness!

When it comes to grieving, have you noticed that everyone has an opinion?

Your journey in healing from grief is as unique as you are. There’s no linear path that you follow, and then it’s done, especially not to other people’s expectations, because how can they possibly know what’s right for you?

Even though they’re probably coming from a place of kindness, it can often feel as though your family and friends don’t truly understand what you’re going through. And when they tell you, “it’s time to move on,” it leaves you feeling pushed by someone else’s agenda.

Even worse, although a part of you does feel ready to move forward, you’re afraid that it will feel like erasing the love you had for the person who’s gone… like losing them all over again.

The truth is, you CAN create a healing experience that’s best for you, at your own pace, meeting your own needs.

And it IS possible to learn to live with gentler grief and move forward towards happiness again, in a way that honours the person you’ve lost.

What it takes to get there is compassionate actions plus patience so that the healing can start to blossom.

What are your thoughts when it comes to your grief?

Are you in that state of mind that you feel you will never get over your loss?

If so, I get it. It can feel like that for quite a while. We have loved so deeply, and now that loved one has been ripped away from us. There’s so much more we wanted to say to them and experience with them. Walking alone isn’t easy.

I invite you to try out a new thought: “I can transform my grief while taking my loved one with me on my journey.”

If this new thought resonates with you, then the Healing Hearts Collective can be the start of your healing journey.

My mission is to help you navigate your healing journey with mindfulness, art-making, humour (yes humour), and compassion. I don’t ask you to get over your grief or move on. I ask you to be open to a new way of healing while honouring your loved one and take them with you on your journey.

Taking compassionate actions towards healing helped me, and it can help you too.

What the Healing Hearts Collective stands for…






Humour and Joy

Things have changed over the years

Launches have had to evolve

Here is where I go a little deeper on why the old way of doing things is dead, what changed and why it had to. This is a totally optional section but its great to have if you have a unique way of doing things that goes against the grain.

The LME is our unique way of launching.

People often struggle with launches before they follow our methods

“must do all the things”

In this section we talk about where people get stuck with the old way of doing things…

On the frontend you see ALL the things that you think you’re supposed to be doing…

You end up creating a never-ending to-do list of things that aren’t going to have any real impact.

Spending your time tweaking, tinkering and battling tech instead of focusing on the real needle-movers.

Obsessing over Canva banners and fancy presentation slides, or which colour button works best.

Trying to fit your unique personality into a launch framework that doesn’t allow you to shine as the person you were really born to be.

And spending so much time faffing around with tech that you leave no room for audience building, so you throw some money into ads and hope for the best.

Resulting in crickets when you share your offer, exhaustion and “I hate launches”.

Let me show you an easier way

The Healing Hearts Collective is a unique membership supporting you with weekly compassionate action steps as long as you need them.

My first clients taught me that there are many layers to unfold when we grieve. They all confirmed that we grieve in our unique way. Some of them mentioned that it’s good to have a person to talk to outside their usual circle of friends. In the Collective, you will have a compassionate community of women that understand you and your feelings because they are at a similar place or have been there too.

It’s not just a membership – it’s a coaching-led experience.

The Healing Hearts Collective isn’t a membership with thousands of members where you get no access to individual support – I’m there with you, helping you navigate your healing journey with monthly group coaching calls and my presence in the membership group on a regular basis.

By the second month together you’re going to say, “Why didn’t I look for help earlier”.

Who is your Creative Grief Coach?

Jacqueline Steudler

After my mother died in 2013, I realized that we’re not prepared for the deep sadness that follows a loved one’s death. I, for sure, wasn’t.

Through my own experiences with grief and how to move forward, I created a program called ‘Healing for Grieving Hearts’ that brings together my knowledge as an art therapist and my training as a grief recovery specialist. Over time, I wanted to serve more women, and last year my dream became a reality with the creation of the Healing Hearts Collective, a membership that will help you heal your grief using compassionate actions.

I’m looking forward to helping you navigate your healing journey without leaving your loved one behind.

A Membership of Compassionate Actions

Compassionate Actions + Patience = Healing

Science shows that mediation, art, music, walking etc., tap into the different body’s modalities and senses to allow you to release grief on lots of different levels. The compassionate actions that we’re using inside the Healing Hearts Collective will help you in that process.

Your body’s memory is quite stubborn in holding on to grief. Through the hands-on, compassionate actions, you will learn to recognize what helps you best to release your grief.

Everything inside the membership is built on six pillars:

Kindness towards yourself

Honouring your loved one

Discovering and empowering your Resilience

Movement towards healing

Love as a driving force

Gratefulness for what was, is and will be

It won’t be easy, and you will need patience and compassion for yourself to discover your unique healing journey.

You can envision and create a new life purpose and fill your soul with compassion and gentleness that help you mend your heart while taking your loved one with you on your healing journey.

Weekly Actions

Each week you’ll have a simple self-care activity that taps into the different sides of who you are. You’ll feel uplifted and nourished, nurturing each of your senses as you explore the compassionate actions that help you heal. From meditation, art-making, gentle exercise, and more, you create your own journey at a pace that works for you.

Group Coaching Call

I aim to give you the possibility to ask questions and get the answers you need to move forward in your healing journey. Each month we’ll have a live community Q&A session on Zoom. You can submit your questions live or beforehand. I won’t record these sessions to respect your privacy.

Community Support

I believe that we are better together. The group will help you find support and compassion when you encounter a challenging moment, and I’m not available right away. I will host the community in a closed, private group in Slack, and I regularly spend time in the group.

There’s a special bonus for the first 3 members!

Join now before the doors close on Friday, March 26, at 9 p.m. ADT!

When you pay in full there are extra bonuses…

Valued at £1191, yours free when you enrol now

2020 Success Trainings

When you pay in full you get our training on how to map out your best year ever. This is the method that Laura uses every year in Love To Launch to get crystal clear on the company vision, map out 2020 and create a solid promotional calendar.

Valued at £697

Podcast version of the program

For all you podcast fans, we’ve created a very special podcast version of the Let’s Launch Together program! We created this podcast version to work like a normal podcast on your own podcast software – meaning that you can listen to the course when convenient to you.

Valued at £497

Search inside our videos

Imagine being able to not only search through the course, but being able to search for keywords INSIDE the video and with the touch of a button go straight to the part of the video where that keyword is mentioned!

Valued at £497

Member Insight

“The Collective is a gentle, safe, and welcoming place.”

I always feel heard and understood. And guided too. For me, the Collective provides a structure, a container of accepting and understanding my grief through its themes, the activities, the monthly calls, and the community.

K. from Canada 

Is the Healing Hearts Collective right for you?

Healing Hearts Collective is a good fit if…

You want to step into your healing journey, fully engaged.

You are comfortable to try new approaches with an open mind.

You want to create a better future for yourself.

You understand that the Healing Hearts Collective is a membership.

You agree to make responsible decisions for your mental health if the need arises.

Healing Hearts Collective is not a good fit if…

You don’t want to try new things.

You want instant results – Healing your grief is an ongoing effort and requires patience.

You don’t fully believe that there is a possibility to relieve your grief.

You’re looking for 1:1 support. I can help you with that but only outside of the membership and for an additional cost.

Not sure if it’s right for you? Ask before you join…

Get Instant Access to the Healing Hearts Collective!

Monthly Plan

$ 27

per month

recurring monthly payment

Your investment includes all of these benefits:

• Weekly compassionate actions: mindfulness, meditation, art-making, journal prompts and more.

• A clear healing path to support you

• Supportive community

• Live Q&A group coaching

• Beautiful members website

• Resources and downloads

• Grief Coaching inside group

• Cancel anytime

• Join now and lock in your price forever (as long as you remain a member)

All prices in USD

6 Months


6 months plan

1 month FREE with this plan

Your investment includes all of these benefits:

• Weekly compassionate actions: mindfulness, meditation, art-making, journal prompts and more.

• A clear healing path to support you

• Supportive community

• Live Q&A group coaching

• Beautiful members website

• Resources and downloads

• Grief Coaching inside group

• Cancel anytime

• Join now and lock in your price forever (as long as you remain a member)

All prices in USD

Choose Your Plan and Join Now

Monthly option is month-to-month with no contract. You can cancel anytime, no questions asked.

Here’s what former clients say


Jacqueline’s caring presence and guidance created a very safe space to voice and explore my complicated feelings. I loved how the activities helped me get out of my head and into the truth in my heart.

— K. Nova Scotia


I wish I had done the program sooner!!! I thought that I didn’t need help facing my pain, but I was just very good at distracting myself.

— S. Colorado


When does the membership start?

The membership is open for you right now.

What is your refund policy?

You have 30 days to decide if the program is right for you and can contact us for a full refund. After 30 days, no refunds will be processed.

Will there be replays of the Q&A Coaching Calls?

Yes, all videos will be available inside the Collective as a replay. Some group coaching calls might not be shared with all to protect the privacy of the members.

Will I get any 1 to 1 time with Jacqueline?

You will always feel like you’re getting personal support because Jacqueline will also be active in the private group on weekdays. You can book private coaching calls for an additional cost.

How long do I have access to the videos and resources?

You have access to all the resources and videos as long as you are a member in good standing.

You have access to the Heal With Rituals online course for ever.

Not sure if it’s right for you? Ask before you join…

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