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When it comes to grieving, have you noticed that everyone has an opinion?


Your journey in healing from grief is as unique as you are. There’s no linear path that you follow, and then it’s done, especially not to other people’s expectations, because how can they possibly know what’s right for you?

Even though they’re probably coming from a place of kindness, it can often feel as though your family and friends don’t truly understand what you’re going through. And when they tell you, “it’s time to move on,” it leaves you feeling pushed by someone else’s agenda.

Even worse, although a part of you does feel ready to move forward, you’re afraid that it will feel like erasing the love you had for the person who’s gone… like losing them all over again.

My primary focus is on healing and honouring your loved one who has died so that you can feel connected to them and, at the same time, rooted in your life again.

The truth is, you CAN create a healing experience that’s best for you, at your own pace, meeting your own needs.

And it IS possible to learn to live with gentler grief and move forward towards happiness again, in a way that honours the person you’ve lost.

What it takes to get there is compassionate actions plus patience so that the healing can take hold.

In the membership you will…

Receive an easy to follow compassionate action weekly.

You’ll walk into your healing journey with various actions that inspire you. You can implement the ideas right away. And you’ll form a new understanding of mindfulness and self-compassion. Each month we’ll gather as a group in a coaching call to support each other. You can share as much or as little as you like. A private group on the Slack platform is our save space for the membership.

Discover compassionate actions to heal and support

The membership is built on six principles: Kindness, Honouring, Resilience, Movement, Love, and Gratefulness. These six pillars will guide you to step from emotional confusion and overwhelm into clarity and confidence navigating your grief. By the end of your first month, you’re going to say…”I never knew moving forward through my grief could be this uplifting and doable.”

Step into your healing journey with confidence and ease

Joining the Healing Hearts Collective means you’ll feel more connected to yourself again and have tools to cope with upcoming anniversaries and holidays. You will be able to join with a monthly or an annual subscription. I aim to give you the tools you can repeatedly use to heal when grief comes knocking. Our work together is founded on compassion, respect, love, and creativity.

What former program participants say…


Jacqueline’s caring presence and guidance created a very safe space to voice and explore my complicated feelings. I loved how the activities helped me get out of my head and into the truth in my heart.

— K. Nova Scotia


I wish I had done the program sooner!!! I thought that I didn’t need help facing my pain, but I was just very good at distracting myself.

— S. Colorado


Jacqueline is a very kind and loving soul and her program comes from the heart allowing her to help others through her own experience with loss.

— J. from Nova Scotia


Before I started the program with Jacqueline, I was sure that I would not work in my business again. But now that I am more at peace with J’s passing, I have decided to explore how I can serve others with my gifts and skills. Thank you, Jacqueline!

— C.R. from Arkansas

Got questions about the event?

What date does the event start?

The event starts on September 28, 2020, and will take place for one week – you’ll want to make sure you sign up TODAY, so you don’t miss out on the action!

Do I need to have any experience to take part?

Absolutely not! This is aimed at anyone that is grieving the loss of a loved one and I’ll make it really easy for you to understand everything – plus there’ll be plenty of opportunity to get all your questions answered.

When are the training sessions?

Once you’re signed up you’ll receive the full schedule but don’t worry if you can’t attend any of them live – you’ll be able to catch up on the recordings for a limited time.

Does it cost anything to take part?

Absolutely not! My special free event is something that I do once a year and it doesn’t cost anything to take part. Free still means high value… I put a lot of effort into making this experience amazing for you.

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